Woven with pride and a commitment to promises made.

The nonwoven advantage, leveraged just for you!

We add a whole new meaning to the word 'fabric'!

Cutting Edge Technology

Only the most advanced of tech 'know how' is employed for optimum results---quicker TATs and enhanced productivity

Uncompromising Quality

We are conscious of where and how our products are used and so fully aware of how critical quality is to the products pertaining to health and safety segments.

The Customer Focus

The end user is important for us because it is where our product can make the difference—we never forget this aspect.

Breathable Fabric Like Feel

Chemically Inert & 100% Recyclable.

Photo Degradable & Eco Friendly

Pollutant Free Burning

“I come from a family which has been breathing textiles for four generations, it has become my passion to do something for the environment, yet following the footsteps of my family, that’s what made me choose non-woven textiles and create world class products - CEO”

The Nonwoven Advantage


Unmatched Softness

The unique entangling fibre bonding of a Nonwoven fabric and its fundamental construction allows for unmatched softness making it ideal for hygiene products.

Greater Absorbency(spun lace)

Greater Absorbency of Nonwovens make them ideal for special purpose apparels, where absorbency is a crucial element.

Better liquid Repellency(spun bond)

For usage as hygienic fabric and medical purposes application, the liquid repellency factor makes it very apt.

Greater Resilience

Bonded together at the fibre and filament level, unconventionally, the Nonwoven has immensely greater resilience

Greater Functionality

Washable, sterile, and stronger their functionality gives them their wider application

  • Manufacturers of Nonwoven Medical and Home Textiles.

  • AM Nonwovens will pioneer the future of Non woven textiles, creating the most sustainable products in the most responsible way to create better and safe Environment.

  • Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and use of the most modern technology we aim to provide the best product with due care.

  • We believe in people who nurture passion and think Impossible is Nothing.

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